A golf cart tune-up is a regular maintenance service that helps to ensure that the cart is running at peak performance and to prevent any potential breakdowns. A typical tune-up includes the following steps:

  1. Cleaning and inspecting the air filter: A dirty air filter can reduce the cart’s performance and fuel efficiency, so it should be cleaned or replaced as needed.

  2. Checking and replacing the spark plug: A worn or fouled spark plug can cause poor performance, so it should be replaced if necessary.

  3. Inspecting the battery and charging system: The battery should be checked for proper water level, and the charging system should be inspected to ensure that it is functioning properly.

  4. Checking and adjusting the belt tension: The belt should be adjusted to the correct tension to ensure that the cart runs smoothly.

  5. Inspecting the brake system: The brake pads should be checked for wear and the brake fluid should be checked for contamination.

  6. Lubricating the moving parts: All the moving parts such as the wheel bearing, steering and suspension should be lubricated to prevent wear and tear.

Tune Ups

We know that your golf cart is all about the fun it can provide and sometimes that means we are a bit rough on it. This is especially true if you have young drivers joy riding when mom and dad aren’t looking. 

Goal: Our goal at GO GO is to keep your cart on the GO and to help avoid future headaches. 

It is recommended to perform a tune-up on your golf cart every six months or 250 hours of operation to keep it running smoothly. 

Brake Service

Good brake maintenance is also important. We can repair and replace brakes as needed.

Goal: The goal of our Brake Service is to have a properly functioning brake system on your golf cart.

What the service includes:  For a traditional brake system. We check the brake shoes, drums, pedal and the operation of the brake adjustor and springs. Our technicians will clean and adjust the brake components to the recommended specifications. We will also make recommendations to replace any worn parts that are beyond repair.

For EZGO RXVs with an electronic motor brake that is failing, we replace the motor brake as needed.

For Yamaha Drive (G29) golf carts (made in years 2007-2013), the brakes are not serviceable. They will need replacing.