At GO GO we not only service all makes and models of golf carts but we can also service a wide range of electrical vehicles including:

  • Electric Push Carts
  • Electric Scooters & Mopeds
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Skateboards
  • Low Speed Electric Vehicles
**If you don’t see the electrical vehicle you need maintenanced or repaired, just contact us to see if we can help. 

Electric Push Carts

We know that not everyone loves a golf cart, in fact more and more golfers are using electric push carts. They are very reliable, but they can break too.

If you need repairs or just routine maintenance to keep it on the GO, call us and we will GO to you!  

Electric Scooters & Mopeds

Who doesn’t love scooting around town on an electric scooter? They are pretty reliable, the most common problem are dead batteries. Not low power but dead. So if your scooter stops scooting, contact us and we’ll get you back on the GO!

Electric Bikes

E-bikes are more popular now than ever before. People tend to ride them fast and for long distances, so it is important to monitor tires, brakes, the chain and the drivetrain regularly to make sure you stay on the GO!

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards, one wheels and hoverboards are like any other electric device, they can just stop working with no warning. If you hear any strange noises, the battery is not holding a charge, or the board is riding improperly, call us. Let’s GO GO!

Electric Vehicles

These are not golf carts, nor are they made for driving on highways, they are low speed electric vehicle designed for local streets. Normally low speed refers to under 35mph. There are a number of  brands and varieties available as more people try to GO green. We offer preventative maintenance packages and replacement and repair services to keep your electric vehicle on the GO!